Me Versus Me;


What do you do when your worst enemy
is the person staring back at you in the mirror?

Shyla “Tiffannie” McQueen, a Virginia bred, self-proclaimed tomboy, had always known she was different. Her fair skin, curly red hair and freckles told her so, as did her intuition. Despite her hunches, however, nothing could prepare her for the bomb about to be dropped by the person deemed to have loved her most.

Blindsided, Tiffannie’s seemingly predictable world is disrupted in exchange for secrets, unanswered questions, and more secrets; secrets buried by one family, and ignored by another. Nevertheless, she is determined to find out who she is and from where she came . . . at all costs. It is only then that she begins to stumble across skeletons she never knew existed, simultaneously unveiling deeply rooted insecurities, as well as her legal name: Shyla Miles.

In this much-anticipated and emotionally stirring memoir, Shyla gives her whole heart and 90s soul in a brutally honest, and at times, hilarious page-turning journey through her childhood to the woman she became, and the woman she is destined to become. Me Versus Me;, moving and transgressive in its frankness, chronicles how Shyla goes from spoiled and sheltered, to homeless and battling bouts of depression and suicidal thoughts. She shares her story of how the lack of self-love led to poor choices and almost losing the most valuable possession of all; her life.

Shyla’s transparency throughout her quest to discover not only her family secrets, but also herself, will take you on a heartrending rollercoaster of both unreachable highs, and unbearable lows.

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