Broken Promises


Lies, infidelity, and abandonment have been an integral part of Kori Ellis’ painful past. Abandoned by her father, prior to her birth, and by her mother when she was a young girl, Kori’s life has been filled with broken promises. She learns to adapt and excel, despite these hardships. Her hard work earns her the opportunity of a lifetime—a slot in the Howard University Graduate Program. Only that would mean leaving behind the one person she doesn’t think she can live without—her long-time boyfriend—Tremell Andrews. Tremell fell in love with Kori the moment he laid eyes on her at the playground when they were just kids. Yet, despite the love he has for her, he doesn’t see a problem with sharing his body with other women. After all, it’s just meaningless sex, he tells himself. What he and Kori have is real. Kori is an intelligent woman with a bright future ahead of her.