shyla miles

Author. Screenwriter. Director. Producer.

Depression Awareness Advocate. Survivor of Self.

me versus me;

Me Versus Me; is available NOW!


About Shyla Miles

shyla miles

Shyla Miles is an author, screenwriter,
and director of independent film.

After releasing Broken Promises in 2014, a self-published urban fiction novel, she has since ghostwritten, produced, and directed various projects.

In 2015, Shyla founded Shyla Miles Productions, a small company formed solely to create independent films in her hometown of Virginia. As Chief Executive Officer, she collaborated with fellow filmmakers to create the dramatic screenplay adaptation of Broken Promises, which premiered on the big screen later that year.

Shyla made her directorial debut in 2016 with a documentary entitled “Say My Piece,” created on the premise of raw, underrated Spoken Word artists in Virginia.

Prior to filmmaking, she worked as a freelance writing coach, film conceptualizer, and ghostwriter.

A true believer and supporter of literacy, Shyla is the founder of Inking Out Loud, a set of uniquely strategized workshops, designed for aspiring authors to learn how to write competitive manuscripts and publish their content.

Shyla penned her latest literary work, a memoir titled Me Versus Me;  while battling Clinical Depression, subsequently becoming an advocate for both depression and suicide awareness.

She is in the process of starting a nonprofit organization that will provide funds as well as resources for individuals seeking but unable to afford mental health services. In the meantime, Shyla remains an avid voice for all battling with themselves.


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